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Enjoying Couch Surfing!

A must try for every budget travelers!

So I've just discover a whole new way to travel, save money and meet new people. Three birds at one stone. Yeah! It's couchsurfing.org! I am just amazed with this although some of the travelers already knew about this. Good thing I was able to check other blogs and try couch surfing. Me and Monique's next trip will still be on February 2012 much to my excitement I send tons of couch request for our trip and obviously some of them decline :( because our trip is in time with their vacation. However i don't lose hope and two of them said "maybe" (reason being they have a not so planned trip and in time with their vacation as well) nevertheless there is still 50-50 chance that they can accommodate us. I try to calculate and that is a lot of savings for us.

Anyways, hopefully this will be a new adventure for me and the Maldita to experience. Can't wait to meet other CS!

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